Monday, 17 December 2018

My Final post

This is my final post, as I am moving To a new school, thank you for everyone who have commented one my blog Bye.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018


It was my tournament day for basketball we were the best team there. We haven't lost 1 game before, so we were pretty confident going into our games. We had five games in the tournament, and semifinals and finals. All of the games were right after each other. So when we finish a game, we go right into another one. We made it into the semi’s, but it was challenging we won by one point. We were in the finals we were threshing them from the begging right to the end. The reason why we won was because. They were too exhausted.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018


“Riding down a hill, going fast, I’m about to crash. Dununununununun. Wait I’m about to crash.”
“Welcome to news with your favourite host, me.
A kid has gone missing, and his parent’s are looking for him. His parent’s said that he went for
a bike ride in their backyard forest, because it had a biking trail. (Man looking for the boy)  “I found him.”
(Boys parent’s.) “Where.”
“Over here, and sorry to say but he’s dead. It looks like he lost control and crashed into this tree badly.”
“Welcome back to the news, they found the body. The kid was found dead. His bike was barged
into the tree, and he was on the ground dead. Thankyou and goodnight.”

Thursday, 8 November 2018


Everyday I go for a walk around my neighbourhood, and In my neighbourhood there's a house. Not an ordinary house, a big, scary, haunted house. It has been there since world war two, it use to be a soldier recovery centre. Many soldiers have died there, and the house has been abandoned ever since world war two ended.  I have waited five years to go in that house. But, I wondered what was behind the door. Maybe a ghost? yeah probably a ghost. It was time to open those doors. As I open the doors, what do I find. A ghost, no. But a unicorn, dun dun duuuun.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

In a animals eyes

As I scope the area all I hear is. oool, “a fish huh?” I say to myself. “Time to eat.”
As I rush towards my pray, he quickly tried to swim away.  But no, with my skills. No one
can get away from me. Now time to look for something else, maybe a seal, yeah that sounds right.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018


“I’m a fighter, well not a fighter. I just like killing people, and I kill people to
get a victory royale. And every time I kill someone, I clumsily
do orange justice. When I see a bath in a house, I feel like having one. But
I can’t, because epic games won’t let me. but you know, every time I kill
someone, I dance on them. Because no one has killed me before. And
I don’t play on the game, someone plays as me. And he’s the best in
the world. His name is. Drumroll please. And no his name isn’t
drumroll please, it’s John Cena.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018


“Class, tomorrow we are going on a trip.” “Teacher, Teacher.” “What Jeffrey.” “Where are we going to?” “We are going to go to your favourite place.” “Ohh where going to Disney world, finally, it’s gonna be my first time going.” “Yeah your favourite place tomorrow, is going to be the Alligator zoo.” “What colour are they, a girly mauve.” “How did you know, your brainy. But there, they have a climbing zone, but it’s quite tricky to climb on their thing.” The next day, Jeffrey climbed the rocky wall. But it wasn’t as bad as he thought, he was named the best climber in the school. And Jeff the climber, yes it doesn’t go together. But to Jeffrey, it does.